New beginnings

Your place at University of Cambridge is confirmed.

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! (Yay!)

I’m Miruna (but you can call me Max), a left-handed almost midget who is really bad at writing introductions. I’ve decided to start a new blog after finding out that I’m going to study abroad beginning this autumn. To me (and most teens), leaving my home, family, and friends behind to pursue a degree in a foreign country is a really big deal. I know the following years have the potential to change my entire life, so I want to document my journey in order to better monitor my evolution and – of course – to keep track of the amazing things that are to come my way.

What triggered me to stop chasing my tail and start writing was discovering that my place at the University of Cambridge has finally been confirmed. This actually happened two days ago, but since UCAS didn’t feel the need to send me an email about the update to my application, I discovered the great news only today.

Your place at University of Cambridge is confirmed.

I wasn’t too nervous about my application because I had received my exam results back in July and they fulfilled the conditions of my offer, but, nevertheless, it’s still nice to know that my place is secure. However, this update has also made the idea that I’m leaving start to sink in. While excited, I also feel a bit anxious because I’ll have to adapt to many changes in a short time before the start of my first term. The road so far has been difficult, but also rewarding, and I expect uni life to be no different.

I hope you’ll join me on this personal adventure & see you again soon!

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