• I’m a first year engineering student at the University of Cambridge, which basically means that at the beautiful age of 19, I still have no idea what exactly I should do with my life
  • I’m only 5 feet tall, which looks cute but is a nuisance when it comes to shopping, changing light bulbs, going to clubs, finding adult clothes, existing etc.
  • I am left-handed and clumsy, which is funny considering that, in my native language, we use the same word for both these traits
  • I love changing my hair color and hairstyle, since these changes always feel like a fresh start, at least for a few days (and because having neon hair is the only way of not getting lost in a crowd)
  • I’ve always loved writing, so I consider this blog my personal diary (or a failed attempt at replacing the hole left in my heart by the decision to not pursue a journalism degree)
  • I am an indecisive and pretty perfectionist person, which is why I’ve had about 5 blogs already and I only post once in a blue moon
  • The name of the blog is wordplay on my real name; however, at uni I just go by Max, since it’s way easier to pronounce